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EAGLE 7-es verzióig

1. Open the CAM proccessor

You can generate the Gerber file from the PCB editor. There are two ways to get to the editor. One of them is to click on the "CAM" button, (marked with red), the other is to go through "File -> CAM Processor".

2. In the CAM Processor window select "File -> Open -> Job".

3. To generate the Gerber files select the correct CAM file for your software.

You can download the CAM files from down below:

4. Once downloaded the correct CAM file should be put into the EAGLE CAM folder. Navigate to the folder.

- If your PCB has a 2-layer design, choose "Nyakfutar_EAGLE_7.xx_2"

- If your PCB has a 4-layer design, choose "Nyakfutar_EAGLE_7.xx_4"

After selecting the file, click "Open". You can see the different layers as tabs on the top of the.

5. The loaded CAM file will generate all the necessary layers for the production of the PCB and the stencil.

Press "Process Job" to generate the Gerber files. You will found these in the project folder.


Exporting the Gerber files from EAGLE 9 is very similar to the previous version. The only difference is that you have to use a different CAM file, which you can download from here:

In the "CAM Processor" window choose the correct CAM file for your project then press the "Process Job" to generate the Gerber files.

When prompted give the location of the files.

You can check the "Export as ZIP" box (marked with red), which will pack the created files in a ZIP package immediately.

After generating the files, it is recommended you check them with a Gerber Viewer to see if everything is fine. Check the file extensions using the table below.

A Gerber állományok kiterjesztésének átírása

Extensions in case of 2 layers:

Top Layerpcbname.GTL
Bottom Layerpcbname.GBL
Soldermask Toppcbname.GTS
Soldermask Bottompcbname.GBS
Silk Toppcbname.GTO
Silk Bottompcbname.GBO
NC Drillpcbname.TXT / XLN
Mechanical Layerpcbname.GKO / GML

In case of one layer, only "Top" and "Bottom" files are required.

Additional Gerber files for 4 layers:

Inner1 layerpcbname.G2L / G1
Inner2 layerpcbname.G3L / G2

Increasing the number of layers on the PCB will result in a higher number of inner layers.

PCB setup before Gerber export