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Before you convert CAD to Gerber, you must download EasyGerb, a plug-in for AutoCAD.

Since EasyGerb is a plug-in for AutoCAD, it must be loaded into the AutoCAD environment before it can be used. Here's an online movie showing how to quickly load EasyGerb into AutoCAD, configure EasyGerb, and convert to Gerber.

1. Enter the "_APPLOAD" command.

2. Load in the corresponding version of "EasyGerb" by selecting it from the list and then clicking on "Load".

You should see a message saying "EasyGerb successfully loaded" on the bottom of the window.

3. To start "EasyGerb" type in the command "easygerb".

4. Leave everything on default in the pop-up window, then press "OK".

5. Select the area for the generation of Gerber files.

6. Choose the place of the files with the "Output Folder" button, then press okay to create the Gerber files. "OK".

It is recommended that you check the generated files with a Gerber Viewer.

Check the extensions of every generated file according to the table below. Rename them if necessary. After that, put them in a ZIP and then upload it to the Nyákfutár's order site.

Changing the Gerber file extensions

In case of 2 layers:

Top Layerpcbname.GTL
Bottom Layerpcbname.GBL
Soldermask Toppcbname.GTS
Soldermask Bottompcbname.GBS
Silk Toppcbname.GTO
Silk Bottompcbname.GBO
NC Drillpcbname.TXT / XLN
Mechanical Layerpcbname.GKO / GML

In the case of one layer, only the "Top" és "Bottom" files are required.

Additional Gerber files in case of 4 layers:

Inner1 layerpcbname.G2L / G1
Inner2 layerpcbname.G3L / G2

Increasing the number of layers of the PCB will result in more inner layers.

Gerber export from Kicad 5
Gerber from Kicad...
Gerber export from DesignSpark
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