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1. Select "Output -> Generate Gerber/Excellion Files".

2. In the next window you have to do the following:

- Set the destination folder of the files at the "Folder" option.

- Check "Output to a single ZIP file".

- On the right side of the window set the "Gerber Format" to "RS274X"

- At "Layers/Artworks" check the layers that you want to create a Gerber file for.

Copy everything else according to the picture, then press the "OK" button.

It is recommended that you check the generated files with a Gerber Viewer.

Check the extensions of every generated file according to the table below. Rename them if necessary. After that, put them in a ZIP and then upload it to the Nyákfutár's order site.

A Gerber állományok kiterjesztésének átírása

Extensions in case of 2 layers:

Top Layerpcbname.GTL
Bottom Layerpcbname.GBL
Soldermask Toppcbname.GTS
Soldermask Bottompcbname.GBS
Silk Toppcbname.GTO
Silk Bottompcbname.GBO
NC Drillpcbname.TXT / XLN
Mechanical Layerpcbname.GKO / GML

In case of one layer, only "Top" and "Bottom" files are required.

Additional Gerber files for 4 layers:

Inner1 layerpcbname.G2L / G1
Inner2 layerpcbname.G3L / G2

Increasing the number of layers on the PCB will result in a higher number of inner layers.

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