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Printed Circuit Board + Stencil

Product Code: NYAK+STENCIL
Availability: Available
  • 22.90€

Available Options

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Order process

  • Upload your Gerber files in zip format to begin the order process.
  • The uploaded project is automatically analyzed by the system and sets the basic parameters of the PCB in order to make a quote.
  • To finalize the quote, change the number and additional parameters of the PCB. For additional information click (?) signs.
  • The expected price, production time and product weight are automatically updated after each parameter change.
  • Adding the order to the basket is possible using the "ADD TO CART" button.

Recommended Gerber File Extensions:

Gerber Files Required(2-layer):

Layer File extension
Top layer
Bottom layer
Solder Stop Mask top
Solder Stop Mask Bottom
Silk Top
Silk Bottom
Top solder paste (for stencil)
Bottom solder paste (for stencil)
NC Drill
pcbname.TXT / XLN
Mechanical layer
pcbname.GKO / GML

Note: In the case of one layer PCB, only the top or bottom files are required.

Additional Required Gerber Files for 4-layer production

File extension
Inner1 layer
pcbname.G2L / G1
Inner2 layer
pcbname.G3L / G2

Note: The number of inner layers increases at more than four layers PCBs.

The names of the gerber files CANNOT CONTAIN ACCENTED CHARACTERS!

Material sepcification

PCB Material type: FR4-Standard Tg 140C.


  • Select the desired options for the stencil.
  • For accurate cutting of the stencil it is important to have the Gerber files with extensions .GTP and .GBP . in abscense of these files, the stencil will be cut using an automatic process that could result in inaccuracies. We do not take responsibility for these inaccuracies.
  • The thickness of the prepared stencil is 0.15 mm. It will be thinner if our colleagues think it is more appropriate for the application.
  • For more information on the stencil features and manufacturing processes press the (?) mark next to the options.